is a Vietnamese restaurant that serves contemporary cuisine with a focus on pho, a rich rice noodle soup that is ubiquitous in Vietnam. Incorporating thoughtful sourcing, quality ingredients, and refined culinary techniques to further amplify the bold flavors of Vietnam, the team aims to bring further awareness to the depth and complexity of the country’s culinary traditions.

Following the success of the first location in Greenwich Village, which opened in summer 2018, chef and owner Mike Khuu and co-owner Li Pien introduced the second outpost of PhoBar in Chinatown in January 2019. Both locations feature a menu centered around the eatery’s namesake and signature dish, phở, as well as a variety of additional Vietnamese-inspired dishes – while some PhoBar's newest offerings, such as the Pho Pot and Crazy Rich Broth, are exclusively available at PhoBar in Chinatown. 

Crazy Rich Broth

Typically simmered for 8-hours, a complex and layered broth is the foundation for all great pho. Exclusively at PhoBar’s Chinatown location, diners can upgrade to the Crazy Rich Broth, available in both 16- and 25-hour options. By increasing the broth’s brew time and using Angus prime beef bones sourced from Weichsel Beef/RFM, one of the oldest butchers in NYC, the Crazy Rich Broth is an unctuous and robust base that deepens with every tier.


DIY Pho Pot

PhoBar’s Chinatown location also offers a DIY Pho Pot, a deconstructed version of the soup complete with an individual tableside hot pot designed to keep the broth at the optimal temperature. The pho pot is accompanied by rice noodles, a meat or vegetable (lemongrass chicken, classic beef, spicy beef or mixed vegetables), and a selection of toppings including bean sprouts, jalapeños, basil, limes, scallions, cilantro and onions - a number of add-ons are also available. Diners are able to cook their dish themselves, customizing their bowl of pho exactly to their liking.